What our Vendors can expect from us?

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We are actually in the business to sell groceries. We don't sell our real estate in the warehouse. We don't ask for off invoice allowances. We don't make unauthorized deductions. We don't give our customers free goods. We think the best long term strategy is to provide consumers with good products at a value, good margins to our customers while keeping business simple and maintaining sustainable profits.

We will not sell to anyone who you do not want us to sell to. We have the systems and reporting in place so that you can be assured that your product will not be sold to unauthorized customers. We currently have restrictions in place for several Fortune 500 company product lines.

What do we expect from our Vendors?

We want an EDLP price structure. Don't sell us at the same price as the other wholesalers who you have to pay slotting to, ask for off invoice allowances, make unauthorized deductions and who give free goods to their customers and bill you back.

The margin requirements of our customers are high and on a per store basis volume relatively low compared to traditional grocery stores. They don't need ad monies they just need to compete and provide value.

Vendor Forms

New Product Information Sheet (Excel Version)

Price Change Sheet (Excel Version)

Please complete, and email to our office.

Pre-order books

We have 4 preorder books that go out per year. If you want to participate in the pre-order book the cost is $200.00 per Vendor per Pre-order book. This is the only additional charge we have. The pre-order is completely voluntary if you want to participate.

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